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Natural gas
Mineral fertilizers


The company offers exclusively natural gas of Ukrainian and European origin, which meets the highest standards of quality.

When recieve natural gas, we are obliged to carry out a careful examination of its quality. You will receive products that according to physico-chemical indicators will absolutely correspond to the normative and technical documentation of the established standards.

Our products provide uninterrupted and efficient work of many enterprises of the agro-industrial complex, the chemical industry and the thermal power plant.

We offer not just gas, we maintain favorable conditions for cooperation, quality product and alternative progressive way of using energy, aimed at increasing the efficiency of production and preservation of the ecology of the environment.


The company offers mineral fertilizers, which play an extremely important role in agriculture, effectively enriching the soil with certain nutritional elements and increasing yields. Mineral fertilizers are supplied in volumes and according to the specified nomenclature. Ammonium nitrate DSTU 7370: 2013 with an average monthly supply of 85 ths. Tons The main advantage of such soil replenishment is directly nitrogen, which forms the basis of ammonium nitrate. The result: rapid growth of the vegetative mass of plants and qualitative and quantitative indicators of the future harvest - an increase in the content of proteins and gluten. Additional benefits: versatility, which means the ability to use on all soils and high solubility, which allows it to be well absorbed by the soil. Carbamide DSTU 7312: 2013 with an average monthly supply of 65 thousand tons One of the most common nitrogen fertilizers for the soil, which has become widespread in agriculture in Ukraine. Along with the above-mentioned qualities of ammonium nitrate, urea also has the advantages of ease in the application and assimilation of plants. Fertilizers liquid nitrogen (KAS) TU U 24.1-00203826.024-2002 with an average monthly supply of 15 thousand tons. And ammonia liquid technical GOST 6221-90 with an average monthly supply of 5 ths. Tons The main liquid nitrogen fertilizers are liquid ammonia and ammonia water (water ammonia). Due to the economic side of the production, these fertilizers have recently become very popular. At the same time, they remain an effective means of raising yields along with other fertilizers. We guarantee moderate prices and guarantee of quality of products, timely deliveries and favorable terms of cooperation for Ukrainian agrarians.