On April 1, the National Commission on State Regulation of Energy and Services (NKREKP), decided to reduce the tariff for gas from 6.8 to 6 hryvnia per cubic meter and enter a subscription fee. On April 10, this decision was canceled - the gas tariff was raised again to UAH 6.8 per cubic meter, and the subscriber fee was removed. How and why have changed the cost of blue fuel in Ukraine and who will have to pay more without paying a subscription fee.

What is a subscription fee and why it was introduced

In Ukraine, one cubic meter of gas costs UAH 6,879. 87% of the fare is directly the cost of fuel, and another 13% - the costs of transportation and distribution, calculated in NKREKP. At the end of last month, the commission decided to divide the cost of gas and other costs into two components. As a result, the gas tariff itself should have been reduced from 1 April to 6 hryvnia per cubic meter, and the cost of transportation and distribution was planned to be included in the monthly subscription fee. It was necessary to pay it regardless of how many burned the gas.

Such a decision is envisaged by the Law "On the Gas Market". In addition, as stated in the Ministry of Energy, Ukraine has committed itself to the IMF, according to which the tariff determines only the cost of blue fuel as a commodity. For transportation and distribution you need to pay separately. "The current tariffs are calculated according to the" old methodology ", as the payment for physical volumes of transportation, which does not allow distributing tariffs for the operator of the gas transportation system and the gas distribution system operator", - the ministry notes.

NKRECP has decided to suspend its decision to charge a fee after criticism from the president and the government. For example, the official address of Petro Poroshenko appeared on the head of the state: "I appeal to the Government and the NKRECP to find a co-ordinated solution that would not involve raising tariffs and extending subsidies to all types of payments for all who need it." At the same time, Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman stated that the National Commission could divide the gas tariff into its components, but the final cost of the blue fuel should not exceed 6.8 hryvnia per cubic meter.

"This is a European practice, and secondly, the law of Ukraine on the market of" Nuclear-Oil "directly implies the use of the principle of power." Third, this division of accounts is contained in a memorandum with the IMF, and this solution allows consumers to receive qualitative safe gas services ", - said the head of NKRECP Dmytro Vovk during his briefing a few days ago. Subscription fees: no subsidies and more expensive.

The subscription fee for gas does not cover. So, a family of two elderly people in the Transcarpathian region, provided that both receive a minimum pension, will pay for all utility services with a subsidy no more than 150 hryvnias, and for a monthly fee - 204 hryvnias. In fact, the cost of communal services for such a family will increase by 136%. By the way, by the end of this year, 9 of the 15 million households will receive a utility subsidy.

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11 april, 2017