Odessa Port Plant and AgroGasTrading continue to rebuild the chemical industry of Ukraine

Despite the complicated epidemiological and economic conditions, PJSC Odesa Port Plant (OPP) continues to increase production rates after 16 months of shutdown. The cooperation agreement with AgroGasTrading LLC (AGT) ensures the sustainable development of the enterprise for 250 days now.

During this time, within the framework of the AGT agreement, 445.4 million cubic meters of gas was processed at the OPP, which allowed to produce 550 thousand tons of carbamide, and 50 thousand tons of ammonia.

The high quality of OPP products allows the company to conquer foreign markets quite proactively. During the 250 days of export-oriented operation, 89.8% of the total amount of carbamide and 85.2% of the ammonia produced was exported. The largest importers of carbamide produced at the OPP are India - 241.2 thousand tons, Tanzania - 75.9 thousand tons, and Turkey - 74.9 thousand tons. Odesa-produced ammonia is robustly bought in Turkey - 21, 2 thousand tons, Greece - 16, 4 thousand tons, and Spain - 3, 5 thousand tons. OPP products are also exported to North America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

Thanks to adding $ 1 and $ 1.5 per ton of ammonia and carbamide respectively to production costs in the agreement with AGT, OPP was able to accumulate additional funds in the amount of UAH 20.3 million that was transferred as repayments to the Naftogaz Group of Ukraine.

“Our company has been cooperating with OPP since August last year. During this time, mutually beneficial and reliable partnerships were established between AgroGasTrading and our plant. At the moment, the most important task is to ensure the long-term development of the enterprise, and AGT has a clear vision of this process,” said AGT CEO and partner, Oleksandr Gorbunenko.

“The successful cooperation of AGT and the Odesa Port Plant allowed not only to save jobs and stop the outflow of highly trained specialists at the enterprise itself but also to establish timely replenishment of the budget of the Odesa region. AGT is ready to continue to be a reliable partner and supplier of raw materials for OPP,” said AGT partner, Volodymyr Kolot.



09 April, 2020