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Agro Gas Trading and Odessa Port Plant: 400 days of cooperation, in figures and facts

"Odessa Port Plant" JSC, after signing the agreement with "Agro Gas Trading" company last summer, reached the 400 days' level of uninterrupted production process. Resuming the production helped to improve socio-economic indicators in the Odessa region, related to relieving the tension in the labor market and an increase in tax payments.

Since the restart of the production process, the OPP processed 720.2 million cubic meters of natural gas, which made it possible to produce 876.4 thousand tons of carbamide and 98.6 thousand tons of ammonia.

Over 90% of the gross production of the OPP is sold on international markets, which signals about the returning trust of foreign consumers to Ukrainian chemical industry. Timely and uninterrupted supplies of products to various regions of the world - from the European Union and North America to Asia and Africa - make it possible to effectively carry out operational and strategic planning of the production process at the OPP.

The largest foreign countries consuming OPP's carbamide within 400 days since the resumed steel production are India (453.4 thousand tons), Tanzania (74.9 thousand tons), Turkey (74.9 thousand tons), Mexico (60.4 thousand tons), and Senegal (36.7 thousand tons). The largest importers of ammonia were Turkey (30.5 thousand tons), Greece (30.4 thousand tons) and Bulgaria (10.8 thousand tons).The total export volume of carbamide and ammonia amounted to 825.1 thousand tons and 76.9 thousand tons, respectively, which is a record figure for the plant over the last five years.

The stable functioning of the OPP and the additional payments per ton of carbamide and ammonia provided for by the contract with Agro Gas Trading laid a financial basis for the repayment of previously accumulated debts to the Naftogaz Group. Currently, UAH 34.9 million was paid to the Naftogaz Group.

“400 days is a significant period of time, which allows us to say that between the Odessa Port Plant and Agro Gas Trading, there is a truly solid partnership that has developed, based on a common vision of goals and the ways to achieve them. Our path that we had already walked, allows us to look to the future with confidence," said Oleksandr Gorbunenko, managing partner at AGT.

At the end of August, the Agro Gas Trading company, in order to avoid standstills of the production process at the OPP, from September 1st, 2020, prolongated the contract for the supplier raw materials until the end of this year. AGT will continue deliveries of raw materials, timely sale of the company's readymade products and full payment for gas processing facilities.

“The Agro Gas Trading Company, during its cooperation with the OPP, has demonstrated that it is ready to contribute to the development of the national chemical industry, also caring for the the country's economic interests. However, the potential of our cooperation is far from being over, and I am sure that with joint efforts we shall bring the OPP to a fundamentally new level," said Vladimir Kolot, partner of AGT.


07 September, 2020