This year, completely untypical for the past years, spring set our agricultural producers before the difficult conditions of a very late resumption of the spring growing season. Optimum time for sowing spring crops – wheat, barley, peas, sown first, moved somewhat in all soil and climatic zones of Ukraine.

Given the lateness resumption of growing season, sowing will have to be done very quickly, according to the company’s announcement.

First of all, this means that you have to treat quickly all material from pests and diseases – and for this purpose, there is a whole range of effective seed treatment for completely different cultures in the portfolio of the national manufacturer of plant protection and micro fertilizers of the UKRAVIT Group of Companies. Such as Record Kvadro is a four-component seed treatment of contact system action for protecting cereal crops from a wide range of diseases and pests.

Aside from seed treatment of insecticide, fungicidal or combined actions, in the conditions of this spring it is extremely necessary to use micro fertilizer and growth stimulants. This is important for increasing the energy of germination, for the emergence of the uniform emergence on the soil surface.

Furthermore, when it comes to peas sowing, it is extremely important to use soil herbicides that will help to solve the problem of weed infestation in the initial stages of growth. Effective drugs or their mixture in this case is Datonite Gold, Teaser, Panda, Selefit and Selefit Extra, allowing crops to avoid competition from weeds.

In response to agricultural producers in this difficult spring, the UKRAVIT Group of Companies introduces a special promotion «Pay less - get more», which allows not only to save up to 40% on protection and feeding of crops, but also to get gifts and individual counseling from the specialists of TOV «Ukravit Agro».

10 June, 2018