Agro Gas Trading LLC delivers record volumes of JSC OPP’s products across the internal market

Agro Gas Trading LLC has substantially increased the supply of mineral fertilizers for Ukraine’s internal market at the beginning of 2021. In January and February, domestic consumers received more than 20.5 thousand tons of urea and 10.8 thousand tons of ammonia produced by JSC OPP.

Fruitful cooperation between Agro Gas Trading LLC and JSC OPP has secured the position of JSC OPP on export markets. JSC OPP products are shipped to Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. However, Agro Gas Trading LLC is interested in increasing its presence on the domestic market of Ukraine. Through the coordinated work of the Agro Gas Trading LLC logistics department and JSC OPP itself, these products have been shipped using every available form of transportation, including automobile, railway and sea transport.

‘Ukraine’s agricultural producers are extremely interested in mineral fertilizers, and their interest is rising right before the start of the sowing period. Keeping in mind our experience from this previous year (2020), we have managed to react quickly and redirect some for the internal market. Despite difficult weather conditions, we have seized the moment and significantly increased our presence on the national market’, Volodymyr Kolot, partner of Agro Gas Trading LLC said.

The majority of urea was shipped to Ukrainian customers by road transport, while ammonia was delivered by rail. Starting from February, customers can buy and receive urea by rail in "big-bag" packaging.

‘Great results are never achieved easily, however, our cooperation with OPP has shown the benefits of a systematic approach, based on the principles of transparency and mutually beneficial decisions. The results are manifested in the record-high production volumes we have achieved in our cooperation with OPP. Our company sees growth on the national market as equally important as growth on export markets. I’m confident that in 2021 we will maintain our trend of increasing efficiencies. There are no visible obstacles for this, especially when both companies want to achieve the best results’, Oleksandr Gorbunenko, managing partner of Agro Gas Trading LLC said.

09 March, 2021